Family Reentry Program

The Family Reentry Program is a pre-release program for incarcerated males and females who have minor children and who have six months or less to their release date.

How does the Family Reentry Program work?

Participants are engaged in a ten week series of lessons approved by the Ohio Department of  Corrections. Work with individuals begins 6 months prior to their release date and continues six months after their release. Making referrals and helping ex-offenders become reestablished in the community to begin functioning as productive citizens is one of the bene ts to participants and to the community. Inmates who are determined eligible for the program meet with their family one night each week for “Enhanced Visitation”. Enhanced Visitation is a three hour program which consists of a family style meal, a curriculum that addresses family issues such as parenting and communication skills, and a plan to develop skills on rewarding and giving constructive criticism as it relates to family behavior. After participating in the ten week program (during incarceration) participants are then eligible to participate in the post-release portion of the program.

Who can I apply to participate in the Family Reentry Program?

• An offender who was Clark County resident prior to incarceration who plans to return to Clark County upon your release and
• An offender who has children under the age of 18 and plan to co-parent upon release

What do I need to do?

• Complete a program application, which is reviewed by ODRC for violent offenses
• Have a parenting partner and your children who are willing to participate with you in the ten week program. In addition, you must participate in the Enhanced Visitation program.

If you meet the above criteria, please consider the Family Reentry Program.

The Family Reentry Program History 

This program is a continuation of a grant that OIC received in 2005 entitled “Strengthening Ohio Families”. The program is run through OIC’s Opportunities for New Direction division (OND). OIC was one of the first agencies to take programming into Ohio correctional facilities. OIC operates one of only five similar programs in the state of Ohio. Since 2005, OIC has continued the Family Reentry program and is now providing services in seven different correctional institutions in the state of Ohio. As a spin off of our Family Reentry program, OIC is now conducting case management and a new program, “Circle of Positive Choices”, a continuing Life Skills program.

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