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The Case for Hiring Ex-Offenders

Ex-offenders often find themselves in an untenable position. They are told that they are finished paying their debt to society for their wrongs, yet they are stigmatized and unable to find work. If they are honest on job applications, most placement agencies will turn them away, as will most potential employers. If they are dishonest on those same applications, they may get the work, but they have put themselves in an even more precarious spot for discovery in the future and have denied all that they have been taught to believe is right and correct by creating that single lie. 

As a result, we find that many of these men and women are desperately seeking honest jobs and are unable to find them. This situation itself may very well encourage illegal behaviors out of sheer desperation. Even if it does not encourage illegal behavior, it certainly makes it more likely.

On the other hand, when most ex-offenders are given a job, even a hard job, they can be among the most grateful and hard working employees because they know how rare it is for an employer to extend that hand of trust. No one expects you to forget they have a past, but each person deserves to be given a chance at a new start after they have paid their debt. Giving a job to a willing worker who happens to have a previous record may well give that person that second chance that they so desperately need to re-enter productive society.

On a more practical note, you should know that we have a highly structured re-entry program with carefully enforced goals and milestones that must be met before an ex-offender would be referred to any potential employer by OND. By the time they have completed our program, they know what to expect in the workplace, but more importantly, they know what you expect of them.   

Ready to give a chance to an eager and willing worker with their past firmly in their past? Contact our office to discuss your needs as an employer. We'll put you in touch with those ex-offenders who we already know and who are already rebuilding their lives and succeeding in the re-entry process.

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