Opportunities for New Direction

A division of OIC of Clark County.

• Job Readiness Training 

Peer Mentoring 

Computer Skills Training 

Job Placement

• Pre-Release Counseling

• Meet At The Gate


What is OND?

Opportunities For New Direction (OND), a division of OIC of Clark County, provides family re-entry services to ex-offenders returning to the Springfield / Clark County community, to individuals with criminal backgrounds who have never been to prison, and to individuals working with the child support enforcement agency to satisfy child support arrearages.

Job readiness training, peer mentoring, computer skills training and job placement are all services offered by Opportunities For New Direction.

See the links above and below for more information on all of our programs or call us at (937) 322-2522 or email us at info@ond.oicofclarkco.org.